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Saturday, 28 February 2015

LYKKEHJERTE - English pattern

(Pattern in Norwegian can be found here)

I have crocheted many hearts in different shapes and sizes thought the years. There are so many wonderful patterns online, but they all have in common that the heart is filled with polyester stuffing, and I find difficult to get a nice and even shape of the heart working with this.

Last year I made heaps of colourful eastereggs using styrofoam eggs, and I figured that this had to be possible for a crocheted heart as well..

I bough styrfoam hearts in different sizes and shapes, and started on my quest for the Perfect Chrochet Heart...

A great bit of trial, error  and frogging later, I was finally happy with the result.
The shape was nice and even, the crochet fit tight and snug around the heart.  Perfect ❤️

Over at Intagram, I've had quite a few requests for a pattern for these hearts, so after some hectic afternoons of  chasing the few hours of daylight left after I get home from work, I've finally managed to get decent enough photos of the process, to offer you a patter/tutorial.

Since the number of stiches, rows, increases and decreases will vary accoring to the size and shape of your styrofoam heart, this "pattern" in not absolute. These are only guidelines, and a step-by-step description of how to do it. Please ask me if you find my explanations confusing, and I'll try to explain it better...

Good luck!

❤️ Lykkehjerte ❤️

("Happy Heart")

You need: A styrofoam heart in the size and shape of your desire (most craftsuppliers sell these)
Yarn in your desired colour/quality. (I have used different types of thin cotton, and a 2,5mm hook)
Crochet hook, scissors and tapestry needle

The styrofoam heart I'm using here,  measures approx. 12 x12 cm, and I bought it here: Panduro

The first 4 rounds are the same regardless of the size of your heart. 
You crochet in the rounds, so there are no visible round changes.

sc = single crochet  (see instructions here )
hdc /htr = half double crochet  /half treble corchet US/UK ( see instructions here )

I will use US terms in the tutorial

Round 1:  Make a  "magic ring" with 6 sc. (See instructions here)

Round 2: place a stichmarker at the beginning of the round (or a thread in a contrast colour, as I do here. I could not find my stichmarkers...) Crochet 2 hdc in every sc around. In total 12 hdcs.

Round 3: 2 hdc in every hdc around.. In total 24 hdcs.

Round 4: Crochet 2 hdc in the hdc by the stichmarker, then 1 hdc in every hdc 11 times. 2 hds in the next hdc, and place a new stichmarker between the 2 hdcs. Crochet 1 hdc in every hdc 1 times, until you reach the next stichmarker. 

Round 5 and further rounds: 2 hdc in hdc by the stichmarker, 1 hdc in every hdc until you get to the next stichmarker. 2 hdc in the hdc by the marker. 1 hdc in every hdc until you reach the next marker.
Continue like this until you are approx 1 cm below the point where the shape starts to curve inwards.

Remember to measure your work around your styrofoam heart several times as you crochet, to check if you need to increase more or less. Your work should fit nice and snug around the heart. Not too loose, not too tight.....

The heart in this example is quite big and wide shaped, so I increased once in every side, every round,  until round 11, then I started to increase 3 times in both sides for the following rounds.

Too increase 3 times, I made 2 hdc in the hdc before the marker, 2 hdc in the hdc at the marker, and 2 hdc in the hdc after the marker.

When you reach the point where you are approx 1 cm below where the heart curves inward, crochet 1 hdc in every hdc around. No increases.

From this round and onwards, you have to crochet around the styrofoam heart. A bit fiddly at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. 

The following round (s): Decrease  2 or 3 stiches on both sides (by the marker), by crocheting 2 hdc together. 

Tip: when crocheting 2 hdc togehter, use only the front loops of the stich, This will make the decrease amost invisible.

On  smaller hearts, you will be probably only need 1-2 rounds with descresing before you're at the top, but on a big heart like this it will take a few rounds to get the shape nice and even. 

When you have reached the top, continue with hdc in every hdc until the middle of the heart. Crochet together the two sides with a sc, pulling it tight to get a nice heart shape. Continue crocheting the two sides together with scs.

When the heart is closed on one side, continue further down the side of the heart with scs between the hdcs in the sideincreases.

Tip: To make this edging nice and tight, I usually make one sc over two threads between the hds. 
(See photo below)

When you reach the pointed end at the bottom of the heart, make sure your sc starts at the row of increases on the next side, and continue with scs up the other side.

When you reach the top again, close the two open sides woth scs, and use a tapestry needle to fasten the thread in the middle. Tighten and adjust the shape until you are happy.


If you like, you can adorn you heart with some flowers or ribbons. The possibilites are endless :-)

I really love the simplicity of these clean, colourful hearts, thougt, and find them the prettiest hanging from a flowering Cherry or Magnolia branch - in all their simple beauty ❤️

I hope my little LYKKEHJERTE gives you lots of happiness!

PS: If you give these little Happy Hearts a try, I'd love it if you leave a trail here on the blog, or tag me on Intagram.  ❤️

❤️ Live - Laugh -  Love ❤️


  1. So nice to see things moving on your blog again! The hearts are just lovely and I can imagine them well hanging from a branch! It would be a lovely way to celebrate the brand new month of March! Our new month has come in with a forecast of rain .... isn't that supposed to happen in April?! There are no rules anymore. Tut tut! Have a lovely day!

  2. That's so beautiful Ekte ❤️💕 xxx


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