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Hello there!

A warm welcome to you!

My name is Torill and I am a 40-something full-time mother (of 3), wife, manager, crafter, daugher, sister, friend, after-school logistics planner, workaholic and chaos navigator - and now also: a BLOGGER!

This little blog had been brewing in my head for a few years, and when I finally took the step and entered the famous "Blogland", it was a bit scary and very exciting, and probably a bit stupid since I absolutely do not need any more "to-do's" in my life...

This blog's main purpose is to serve as a journal/notebook for myself, recording all my thoughts, ideas, designs and creative projects, but if anyone out there can draw some inspiration and ideas from what I post, nothing would make me happier :-)
I find so much inspiration and energy from all the creative blogs out there, so this is my way of maybe giving something back to all of you wonderful bloggers and crafters out there

Norwegian, but blogging in English...

I am born and raised in Norway, so English is obviously not my native language. I choose, however to write most of my posts in English, since the majority of the blogs and websites that inspire me are written in  English. This will make it easier for me to take part of the vast creative blogging network out there in Blogland, not to mention linking and sharing.
If you need to have my post translated, just click on the sidebar at the top the page and choose your language.... (It will be Google-grammar, so don't expect too much...)

Ekte Lykke

I chose the name Ekte Lykke for my blog for å very particular reason, and I think it needs some explanation: Ekte Lykke is Norwegian for Authentic Happiness. I am very inspired by the concept of Positive Psychology, and the book "Authentic Happiness" by Martin Seligman is a must read for everybody interested in coaching and psychology - or just want to stay as sane and happy as possible!

"Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengthts and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselvs, and to enhance their experiences of work, love and play" (www.authentichappiness.com  (If you want to learn more about the concept of Positive Psycology, I recomment this website) ) 

In my words: you have to stimulate and train your mental health the same way as you should take care of your physical health to stay fit and healthy. Nurturing and capitalizing on you "signature strenghts/character strenghts" will make you stronger and more resilient when "life hands you lemons" and you have to face the different challenges in life.

The concept of Authentic Happiness is based on the strenght and energy you get when you use your "signature strenghts" and "get in the flow"  where you forget all about time and place.
This is how I feel when I have the time and opportunity to "get lost" in my creative projects. I feel happiness. I feel Ekte Lykke. 

Creating is my "Brain Yoga" that keeps my sanity at bay, and myself in a "Happy Place", and I have come to the realization that to prioritize this into my life the same way as I (should!) do with my jogging og yoga lessons, is essential to my well-being, and the only way I can keep both body and mind fit and strong to tackle all the aspects of life!

My Happy Place 

This blog is  My Happy Place, so I mainly write about the happy things in my life. The things that give me energy and take me away from stress and tight time-schedules.

My posts might seem trivial and lightwight to many, but this blog is my haven - my escape from my hectic everyday life! It's purpose is to help me see and focus on the simple and small pleasures in life, when the "world's demands" gets a bit too overwhelming, and everything seems to be drowning in piles of dirty laundry and to-do lists......
I hope it will turn out to be a " feel-good" journal to dive into when needed, and to save those little happy moments for the future.

We do not  remember days - we remember moments! 

...and by putting the happy moments in here and capture them, I can remember and revisit them whenever I feel like it.

I hope you too will enjoy my little Happy Place! 

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ Live - Laugh- Love ❤

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