Sunday, 26 October 2014

Somewhere over the rainbow

This is one of those "indoor days", when leaving the house is limited to a short run to the mailbox to get the Sunday newspaper...

The rain is pouring down outside, the wind is houling, the threes are left bare and naked, stripped of all their autumnal, golden glory!

Ahead of us are months of this.....

Today I need some colours! I need sunshine! I need memories of warm and sunny days!

I need to show you some snippets of the colourful birthdayparty we threw for Little Missy and her friends. Just so we can remember that somewhere over the rainbow there are days like this:

Rainbow cake !  A HUGE success! 
I wish thes photos could come with the sound of 15 girls squealing when the cake was cut, and the rainbow inside was revealed  :-)

Until next time...

❤️Live - Love - Laugh❤️

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Happy Colours Tah-da!

This post is a really colourful one!  
I have finally, after more than a year as a   "almost finished but already in good use" blanket, finished my son's 

"Happy Colours Blanket

This blanket was actually finished last autumn, but the edging remained....
I kept procrastinating the prosess of making all those tiny 1/4 hexagons that I was convinced was crucial for a nice and even border..

The blanket was, however, adopted by the kids immediately, so it has really been in very good use the past year. 

But when I brought it out from summer storage a month ago, I decided that enough was enough: the edging had to be finished!

After fumbling along with those stupid parts of the hexies for days, I frogged the whole idea and started from scratch. 

I chose a different appoach, and made a row of half trebles along the whole blanket first, trying to decrease evenly in the short sides to make it as straight as possible. 
After a few rounds of trial and error, and a lot of frustration, I finally managed to make it look fairly decent, and continued with a few rows of half trebles in the back loops only. I really like this structure, and when using double thread for the edging, the border came out firm and (almost) straight :-)

I added a simple picot to the last row, to make it a little more intereserting. The blanket is for a boy, so it shouldn't  be to "lacy" and sweet. 

Here is this is the final result, laid out in all it's glory :-) ❤️

The edging is not 100% perfect, but I'm quite happy with it anyway!

A close-up of the border on the rippled short sides..

I took it for a test-run on Little Missy's  bed, just to show the size of it. Her bed is 200 x 90 cm.

Happy Colour Therapy! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

I'm so o happy I can finally  tick this one off the list.

Now the plan is to finish a few of my other WIPs that keep laying around...
I have quite a few....

Until next time: 

❤️Live - Laugh - Love❤️

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