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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Coffee love❤️

Summer is over, the kids are back in school and our usual daily chaos and logistic challenges have hit us again with full force...
Work, school, after-school activities, after-work activities, housework (laundry - the never-ending laundry! )

I need coffee! Lots of it!

It has been an amazing summer in this country! The best we've had in 100 years, according to the statistics...
We still enjoy nice weather, and the late afternoon coffee on the porch is the best moment of the day 
But the afternoons are cooler now, and autumn is knocking at the door...

I therefore decided that my beloved French Press coffee pot needed a nice and warm jacket for that autumn chill. 

I'm in love with stripes at the moment, so I made a simple stripey version of plain single crochet stiches. 

I went a little overboard with all the buttons, and can't really decide whether it is too much or just enough :-)

I really love these pretty Tilda buttons ❤️

Coffee for two is served! Hot and delicious ❤️

"The perfect cup of coffee should be 
black as the devil,
 hot as hell, pure as an angel 
and sweet as love."

                    Charles Maurice de Talleyrand 1754-1838

❤️Live - Laugh  - Love❤️


  1. Your new stripy coffee pot cosy is lovely and reminiscent in colour to the pretty heather in the pot above. I rather like all those buttons, and they remind me of the fashionable boots that ladies used to wear in olden days and there was a special button hook to do them up with!
    Life's rhythm certainly changes after the relaxed summer months... but we soon get used to the accelerated pace again ... until the next holidays or break!

  2. AH yes, coffee and a cute crocheted project with cute buttons. That's a smiling combination!


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