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Sunday, 17 August 2014

❤️The Summer Slumber Cushion❤️

This summer has been "the best summer ever", with sunshine and blue sky for weeks and weeks! 
A colourful and happy summer, indeed!

So, all my warm wool was put aside, and cool, colourful cotton has ruled my crafting life the last couple of months. I love it!

I started a wonderful v-stich blanket after being "sucked in" on all the v-stich madness that ruled the "crochet world" on Instagram this summer. So many beautiful blankets made it impossible not to start one myself... 

I call this my Summer Slumber Blanket, and I love working on it 

The problem with Instagram: too much inspiration makes you sidetrack from your projects all the time, and the result is an infinite number of WIPs, and not finishing anything!! 

So of course I started a cushion project to match my Summer Slumber Blanket......

Inpired by all my colurful Rice kitchenware I keep at our summerhouse, I wanted to make a fun and colourful cushion to use in my garden lounge. 

I searched online for the perfect grannysquare for such a project, and found the beautiful Rosie Posie Granny tutorial on  the wonderful blog of Sandra Cherryheart

Yellow edging...mmmm❤️

Happy yellow joining  ❤️

Love how this simple joining makes the squares pop ❤️

The back is just one big, happy grannysquare

Happy and colourful, but still lacking that little extra "wow" factor, is it not?

Yes, that's right! Pom-poms are needed!

I really enjoyed making all these little pom-poms :-) ❤️


No need for colourful buttons on this one....Plain white ones it is:-)

   Ta-dah!!!   The Summer Slumber Cushion 

..and the back, which can be the front as well....:-)

A wonderful, colourful bouquet of pom-poms ❤️

                        ❤️ Live - Laugh - Love❤️

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  1. I love the fresh look of your new Summer Slumber Cushion! I especially love the yellow which brings it all together!


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