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Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Nordic Shawl


My Nordic Shawl from the wonderful My Rose Valley is finished, and I am completely in LOVE with it ❤️
This post will be an overload of photos - I got a little carried away there, for a moment....

Here we go, the big Nordic Shawl show-off....:

All ends weaved in, and ready for blocking:


It just goes on and on and on....❤️❤️

I'm so happy with my colourscheme ❤️ I tried loads of different alternatives, but finally decided to stick to a warm pallette, and only 4 colours in the border, instead of 6 which the pattern suggests. This gives a more muted and calmer look to it, I think...

(I loved making this so much, so I'm already planning to make another one with a totally different look, and more vibrant colours. A girl  can never have too many shawls, right? )

Ta- dah! My lovely  Nordic Shawl is complete and ready ❤️

Laid out in all it's glory ❤️

Such a lovely border! I really love this pattern ❤️

A perfect match with my favourite Odd Molly dress❤️

Snuggly, warm and luxurious in 100% alpaca 

LOVE ❤️❤️


Yarn: Sandnes Alpakka ( 100% alpaca)
Hook size: 4,5 mm ( a little too big for the yarn, buy I wanted to get a nice and drapy shawl, so the tension had to be a little loose). 3.5 mm on the border.
Pattern: The Nordic Shawl from My Rose Valley. You can buy it here

                                              ❤️ Live - Laugh - Love ❤️


  1. Thank you so much, Lucie :-) I really love this shawl, and will soon start on another one....

  2. Ååååhhhh vad find en blev! Perfekt med Odd Molly klänningen helt klart. Ljuvliga färger. Tcak föra tt du länkat och hoppas att du får mycket nytta va sjalen under kyliga sommarkvällar. Stor klem.
    My Rose Valley

    1. Takk Anette! Jeg elsker sjalet, og kommer til å lage et til. Har fargene klare, og klør i fingrene etter å begynne! Herlig mønster:-)

  3. Love your color choices. I was was poking around the Internet, looking at the colors other people have chosen. I'm a long way from getting my shawl done, but now I'm inspired to keep going.

    Great job!

  4. Thank you, Sarah! You will love your shawl, so you better keep going and finish it:-)

  5. Your shawl is beautiful and the yarn looks so soft and cosy! I love the pink edging against the grey.


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