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Monday, 31 March 2014

I'm walking on sunshine!

Wow - what a weekend this has been! The weather these days is amazing - so warm and beautiful ❤️

After months and months with dark rainy days, this is like a massive vitamine boost for both  body and soul. Sooo needed and so appreciated!

It's like we all crowl out of hibernation, and suddenly start to talk and smile to eachother again....The neighbourhood is buzzing with life, and the children are all running around on happy, light feet in new sneakers! Not a rubberboot or raincoat in sight. Pure bliss ❤️

Everything gets back to life; the butterflies dance, the bees are buzzing, the children run and laugh in the garden, the barbeques lit up again after a long winter tucked away in the garage, so the whole neighbourhood smells like (burned) sausages and hamburgers.....

This is why we endure those long winters in this country: the wonderful spring and summers all make up for it. And right now it impossible to imagine anything else but sunshine... It's a survival mechanism, I guess....:-)

Statisticly the Western-Norway summers are wet and cold (June is ususally pretty much like December when it comes to temperature and humidity......), but right now I think we are heading for the BEST summer ever - ha, ha! A girl can dream, right?

This weekend has been all about spring and Easter preparations. Pretty pastels in abundance, both in my garden and on my hook. Wonderful, healthy colour therapy!❤️❤️❤️❤️

I made some pretty Easter eggs last week.  These colours make me so happy !!

One of my best friends will get one of these pimped "vintage" egg cartons for her birthday.

I love the nostalic and old-fashioned look it gets with some pretty pictures and lace. Decoupage is so much fun :-)

I usually have a pretty strict coloursheme in my garden; white, light pink, pale violets, light blue....all muted pastels to give a soothing and calm feeling.

But in the spring, when everything comes back to life, I need strong colours! The bright narcissus and crocus are the only yellow I allow in my garden, but when they bloom they bring so much joy!!

It's like a fresh breath of air and happiness to see all these pretties make their way out of the dark soil and greet the sun with such boldness of colours and strenght!

His Majesty on post...From this warm spot in the sun he controls the whole garden....:-)

These cushions were the first crochet items I made, when I taught myself to crochet a little over a year ago.
They usually sit on my daughters bed, but this weekend she took them out in the garden. Pretty colours in the sun ❤️

I got some really Happy Mail last week when my latest yarn-order arrived. Amazingly soft and pretty alpaca silk in the most wonderful colours. I'm saving this pretty yarn for a special project - I just have to figure out what it will be....

This is what I want in my Easter Egg :-)

This colour....oh my ❤️

Little Missy and her sweet little friends made Easter decorations in the garden. Ballons, candy, wallpaper-glue and yarn, and voila: you get colourful, candy-filled Eastereggs:-)

(I'm planning to make some pretty fairylights lanterns using the same method...Will get back to you on that one if the idea works out OK....:-))

Until next time I wish you all a wonderful, sunny time, and leave you with this little, willstrong fellow:

Talk about making your way into the world - some asphalt concrete is not going to stop this little Happy Flower from blooming :-) Maybe a lesson to many of us not to give up too soon - when you gotta bloom, you gotta bloom! Just reach for the sun ❤️

                                     ❤️ Live - Laugh - Love ❤️

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