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Friday, 23 August 2013


So,it's been a few weeks since my last post...
Time is running so fast, and the days are hectic again now that the long and lazy summer vacation is over.
But now it's finally Friday afternoon, the weekend seems to become one of those nice ones, and I'm cuddled up in my favourite chair with a warm cup of lovely, frothy cappuccino. The kids are all busy playing soccer outside, the house is quiet for a blissed while and I can finally write this post that I've been thinking about and looking forward to for a while now....


I love daisies in all shapes and colours, but my favourite are those little, pretty ones that fill my lawn and makes it very tricky to cut the grass.....

When I first discovered all the beautiful chrochet daisies out there in Blogland, I got so excited! I searched around a bit for a tutorial, and the best I've found is this one from the Tillie Tulip blog. Nice photos and clear instructions, and her Daisy blankets are just amazing!
One day I might be able to make a whole blanket with these cute, happy flowers...I just have to finish some of mye other BIG projects first...For now I have to settle for smaller projects like cushions, and I've already made a few.

Here is my first attempt at the pattern...
The stiches on this pillow are a bit loose and uneven, and I am not too happy with the joining method I chose for the squares,  but I love the colours and the cushion fits nicely in my favourite chair, so it stays for now...

I started crocheting less than a year ago, and I am 100% selft-taught..... Thanks to great tutorials and YouTube videos, my skills are improving little by little....

I have been knitting since I was 5 years old, and I love it. But when I started crocheting, it only took one grannysquare and I was " hooked". So now I'm trying to make everything at once - there are just sooo many wonderful things to make, and my mind is constantly working on new ideas to patterns and colour-combinations.

Anyway, back to the daisies...I absolutely LOVE this flower, and when I first found this lovely pattern at Tillie Tulip it just made my heart sing!
After a few projects using this pattern, I started to experiment a little.
A dear friends birthday was coming up, and I wanted to make her a BIG cosy cushion.
She is also definately a "Daisy-lover", so I wanted to make the flowers really big and bright on her cushion.
After a few attempts, I came up with this version, which I call "The Double Daisy". I made the yellow centre bigger, and more 3D-like. It kind of pops out a bit, like it does on a real Daisy.
I also added a second row of petals to make it bigger. I really like how the flower stands out, bold and beautiful!
The colours were carefully chosen for my friend, and I think these aqua tones are really nice together with the white flower.

Here is how it came out all joined together with a light blue colour. 
I really like the joining on this, it is the flat braid join which I also used on The Blue Meadow Cushion. 

Tah-da! The Double-Daisy Cushion

The back is made out of one big grannysquare in the light blue colour. With so much going on at the front, I wanted to make the back calmer and more neutral. 

This cushion is part of a birthday present where every item had a special meaning to me and my friend, and since the Daisy played the leading role here, I also made a lantern with a couple of pretty daisies attached.

...and of course my little signature heart

Here is the whole ensemble together: Daisy cushion, Daisy lantern, pink champagne, lovely, sweet merengues, Marc Jacobs wonderful Daisy perfume and of course a big, wonderful REAL Daisy plant!

 A little close-up of the pretty pastel colours

...and a little, sweet Daisy-treat

Daisy and Butterfly vanilla cupcakes were obviously a must for this particular birthday party. The butterflies and daisies are made of sugarpaste. So much fun to make :-)

Pretty and really, really yummi!

Ok, I've finished my coffee,  the noise from outside is coming closer, so I guess my little moment of quiet is over....
Now it's time for movienight with the kids - and I might just be able to sneak in a little crocheting while watching...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with lots of fun and love


❤ Live - Laugh  - Love❤


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